John Gunderson | Expert Interview

John Gunderson | Expert Interview

John Gunderson, creator of the Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis, discusses BPD and its treatment. Filmed in 2016. In 2 parts.

John Gunderson | Expert Interview
  • John Gunderson | Interview Part 1

    - How he got into the field
    - How he developed the BPD diagnostic criteria
    - The characteristics of the disorder
    - Interpersonal aspects of BPD
    - Why a lot of professionals don’t feel confident treating BPD
    - Seeing life as a great teacher and the therapy relationship as a springboard
    - Correctiv...

  • John Gunderson | Interview Part 2

    - A Short definition of BPD
    - Underdiagnosis of BPD
    - The role of medication in treatment
    - Good Psychiatric Management — basic training about BPD for all health professionals
    - BPD and families
    - BPD and stressful environments
    - Managing stress with Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
    - The Gunde...